Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Does an Older Woman Do All Day?

You've heard much about mothers of toddlers and the chaotic times. You have read of mothers of teens who struggle with all the ups and downs of raising teenagers. But older women are tired, lonely and bored, right? Want to hear the details of a recent day in the life of one old woman that lives at my house?
5 AM get up, grab a house coat & slippers, and throw a load of towels in the washer.
           Wash my hair
            Spend some time with my Maker and prepare my Sunday School lesson to teach while all is
            quiet and still.
7:30 AM  get dressed. Make breakfast for three. And the day begins:
                check the obits in two newspapers. None of my friends or relatives died yesterday.
                check emails and respond as needed.
                receive text from Daughter #4- What is the name & phone # of the dentist we have use for
                a  root canal.
                receive email from Daughter #2- what dimensions are allowed for carry on luggage?
                receive text from Daughter #4- Can I get airport parking cheaper if I pay in advance?
                Phone call from cousin - Would you take a box of dried hash brown potatoes along with
                you on an upcoming mission trip ?
                Take a box of hash browns to spare room and add to the stash to be packed in suitcase.
                Next call - Make that two boxes of hash browns. Go get 2nd box and place near box #1.
                Copy addresses and phone numbers in 2015 planner book.
                Shake two rugs- I really need to get to cleaning the downstairs.
                Add passports to the growing pile of travel stuff - before I forget.
                Fill a small container with shampoo to put in suitcase - before I forget.
                Receive text from Daughter #4- we have a brand new grand-nephew.
                Send emails to Son #1, Daughter #2 and #3. Attach a thank you  for Christmas gifts last
                week. Tell the baby news to Son #2. Call Daughter #1 with the  baby news.
                Reminder to pray for Grandson #3 who is traveling to MN today.
                Get a sympathy card ready for new widow at church.
                Man of the house says "Could we have lunch a bit early today?" Sure why not?
                Use leftover fresh mushrooms from Christmas Day to make a kettle of cream of mushroom
                soup and throw some stale bread in the oven to add garlic bread to the menu. Good there is
                 some leftover mixed berry cobbler for desert.
                Read Grandpa's diary from October 1948 to husband while he eats his lunch to help me
                refrain from eating a second helping and dessert that I really don't need.
  12 noon  Just noticed - the towels never did get hung on the line. Oh well ! It is sunny and breezy.
                 They will probably get dry before dark this evening.
                  Water flowers, clean living room and laundry. Dust kitchen & dining room furniture.
                  While cleaning, look for the wallet Grandson #2 lost when he was here on Christmas Day.
                  Meet the auctioneer's photographer to go do a photo shoot at our cabin for the brochure
                  and virtual tour being prepared for the upcoming auction next spring.
                  Enjoy the relaxing one hour ride each direction, and making a new lady friend.
                  Stop at the Dollar Store to look for a new 5 subject notebook to record 2015 household
                  expenses and my daily diary. They had none. But I found a bag of nice gift bows reduced
                  50% and a nice, fuzzy, warm scarf for a birthday gift for d-i-l #1.
   4:30 PM Mop kitchen & dining room floor.
                  Fry 20 hamburgers - have hamburgers & chips for supper - with more of the mixed
                  berry dessert. Pack the leftover hamburgers in individual sandwich bags for son #2 to use
                  to use for meals when he house sits for us in a few weeks.
                 Wash dishes while hubby dries them
                  Take towels off the line and fold them.
                  Upload cabin pictures and email to the auctioneer's office.
                  Start writing my installment in a  circle letter to my mother's aged cousins.
                  Look up Face book pictures of new grandnephew.
                  Discuss possible trip to TX with hubby. Also consider possibilities and ideas for adding a
                 garage to our house. No flighty or concrete ( pun intended) decision made on either one.
                 Just reviewing options.
                 Finish writing circle letter.
                 Write up this list.
                 10 PM

I love being busy and needed by the people around me. That is what makes an older woman feel loved and fulfilled.
Although as has been said and my own expanded version is-  "I just never seem to have enough time to think all the thoughts I want to think, read all the books I want to read, pray all the prayers I want to pray, take all the walks I want to take, visit all the friends I want to see, write all the letters I want to send or travel all the places I want to go."
Some days I am weary, and maybe  I will experience loneliness and boredom in the future. But today  I am grateful for all the opportunities and blessings that are mine! Thank you for enriching my life with your friendship and love!