Monday, October 18, 2010

Grand Grand-daughters

A few weeks ago seven of our eight granddaughters went to the cabin with us for a sleep-less sleepover. What fun! This was Kaylyn's first sleepover with Grandma and Aunt Karen. She felt like such a big girl!

This is our littlest angel with her baked banana split treat!
The chocolate covered coffee beans kept all our batteries running until 1 AM

After a treat and the favorite "old movies" we relaxed with foot massages and back rubs.
This is called efficiency! Kara is giving Aunt Karen a back rub
while her feet are massaged. Betsy is in the background with the foot vibrator.

How can we get everyone combed at once?

Here is our line of shoes inside the cabin door. There is an obvious gap between
Aunt Karen's and Andrea's shoes. That gap represents the missing granddaughter,
Elizabeth who lives in CA. We missed you Eli!

Aunt Karen treated everyone to an ice cream cone at Kate's Kreamery before
going home. A delicious topping to a beautiful memory! Thanks Karen!

Now when will we be able to mesh schedules with the grandsons,
Grandpa and Grandma to do the male rendition at the cabin?