Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shifting gears

This week we shifted gears from this 93 Buick Regal with 268,000 miles
to this 2004 Buick LaSabre with 51,000 miles.

We hope it goes places and takes us along for a long time. This is our 10th vehicle.
We went to CA with the 62 blue Pontiac that belonged to Marvin's Dad. Then we bought:
#1- 1963 black Ford (1965-1967-old police car- lemon)
#2- 1966 blue Chevy II  (1967-1973- good little car!)
#3- 1969 chocolate brown Chevelle station wagon (1973-1979 -served us well)
#4-  light brown Chevy station wagon (1979-1980 Wrecked)
#5- 1978 or 1979  blue Chevy Impala station wagon (1980-1988- wrecked)
#6- 1985 white Plymoth Voyager van - (1988-1993)
#7- 1987 Plymoth Voyager gray van (1993-2001)
#8-1995 Dodge Caravan blue van (2001- 2006)
#9-1993 blue Buick Regal sedan (2006-2013)
#10- 2004 gray Buick LaSabre (2013-
and maybe the last one we will ever need.  Guess that is up to our Commander-in-Chief

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Historical Center shadow increasing

Progress report of building expansion at the Juniata Mennonite Historical Center
June 3 - The last board meeting in the old facility. Notice the bare walls. We are preparing to move out of this building into a temporary office trailer soon.
June 3- Building committee chairman, Harold Saner ( on left in blue plaid shirt)
 gives some more last details on the plans.
June 4- the first dig for the expansion! Digging out a pine tree stump.
- June 4- The site is being leveled.
June 5- Pouring the footer.

- June 11 -The block wall is going up.
June 11- Donna Fultz, our volunteer at work on the obituary collection.
She is a very important part of our crew!
June 11- Mary Alice Charlton- my assistant- organizing card catalog
June 11- Betty Ann working on the July 2013 issue of the Echoes
 before we move out of our tiny familiar office.

Local historical center to expand - | News, Sports, Jobs, Central PA — Lewistown Sentinel

Local historical center to expand - | News, Sports, Jobs, Central PA — Lewistown Sentinel