Monday, February 7, 2011

CA/MX trip 2011

Frosty morning in Pennsylvania January 14th- heading to CA sunshine!
About 30 hours later..we took this picture- 80 degree January afternoon- on the two hour cruise on the bay between San Diego and Coronado. Can you see us between the shadows?

Six of our sixteen grandchildren-Konrad, Israel, Jonathan II, Elizabeth, Janelle and Betsy.

Coronado Bridge- 2 1/2 mile long between San Diego and Coronado

Br-r-r! The water is cold but so much fun.
First time to the ocean for two of the grandchildren!

Shopping for souvenirs in a big way... on Monday, Jan 17

At the Chinese restaurant with Ricardo, Angelica's nephew who lives in Tijuana, MX.

Janelle, Konrad and Betsy at the butterfly collection in the Earth & Science Museum at Santee, CA. Just wish the picture could do justice to the beauty of this collection. Janelle is wearing her souvenir shirt from Tijuana, MX that she purchased on Monday.

Decorating Christmas cookies in San Diego, CA- in 75 degree weather..with palm trees waving outdoors. Still fun for the cousins in any kind of weather.

Konrad (14) gave a Christmas bundle to Ismael (14) but this 5 year old boy Guillermo (Pauncho) and Konrad became "buddies".

Janelle and her little girl, Erica. She chose things for Erica's bundle.

Betsy and her friend Bianca with the Christmas bundle at the children's home.

Enjoying the Sierra Nevada Mtn. Pass on Sunday afternoon. By this time Karen had arrived in MX for the Orphans for Jesus work week. The six of us rode in an extended cab elderly pickup truck with an aging driver. Adventure of the day!

Back at Harrisburg, PA- Jan 24, 2011- A dream became a reality and is fast on the way to becoming a memory.