Monday, March 21, 2011

Holland tiles

Almost 12 years ago, (June 1999), we traveled with cousins to Western Europe. While in the Netherlands I collected pretty 6x6" tiles as our souvenir. My intentions were to replace the counter top in the kitchen and use these as part of the back splash. Well, several years passed and that did not happen. By 2004 we were moving to the "old house on the back 40". The tiles became part of a new plan- the downstairs tub room would be their new destination. Other things kept the tiles on the "back burner" for more several more years. Finally this winter we tackled the project. It became a family affair. Karen & I designed the arrangement of the tiles. Marvin applied them to the masonary backer board. I knew he has a more steady hand and is better with details. Then David volunteered his hand and refined the process too. David also did most of the grouting. Didn't they do a good job? None of us are professional- but in my humble opinion, they did an almost-professional job! The whole thing turned out better than I expected.
I hope we live in this house a few more years to enjoy them. But then again- if the trumpet sounds, we will leave them behind along with everything else.
Ready for a tour?

This shows part of the arrangement of tiles in the tub room.
This tile is my favorite! There are so many little details..the cat lapping spilled milk, Dad milking outside the door, Delft blue on the shelf and more.

Do you like this one?

another favorite tile!

As you can see, these tiles are above the shower head.

About 1 1/2 years ago the Formica behind the stove melted in a hot oil kitchen fire. You can still see the scars on the stove back...but my dear husband and son have repaired the wall with these tiles. Adds to the grape theme in the kitchen/dining room.