Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wait-Watchers Club

Ten days ago our 44 year old son-in-law had a massive stroke which is more clearly defined in medical terms as a basilar artery dissection. We are very blessed that he has survived and is becoming more stable. He will remain in ICU for another day or two before he can begin the grueling process of rehab and recovery. We are spending a lot of time at the hospital and many hours in the ICU waiting room. We are learning to know some of the other families who have a loved one in the ICU too. Barbie and I are learning to know each other better every day. yesterday she said, "We need to come up with a name for this group that meets here every day. With a little more thought she came up with the name "Wait-Watchers Club". Ah! I like it!

We wait:
for the Great Physician to heal;
for the doctor team to come examine our loved one;
for the  meds to help decrease pain levels;
for any signs of improvement;
for the brewing coffee pot;
for results of the latest CAT scan or MRI;
to be moved out of ICU;
After we have curled up in a blanket and stretched out on the waiting room chairs for the night, we wait for morning to come.

We watch:
while a loved one suffers extreme pain;
for visitors to come around the corner;
the vitals monitor by the bedside;
when other families cry after receiving bad news about their loved one;
and pray for other families who have even more serious situations than our own;
the clock tick away the hours;
the nurses administer gentle, caring services;
the doctors huddle in discussion;
for any signs of improvement;
the roller coaster of emotions in various situations.
and pray for our loved ones who are fighting to live.

Lord, join us for the Wait-Watcher Club meeting tomorrow! Your presence is the comfort and joy of my soul!