Monday, June 13, 2011

Family weekend

After Brianna's graduation at Warrior Run High School, Marvin & I followed our GPS (and the guardian angels followed us) to this cabin near Thurmont MD where we had reservations for our family weekend. It was a very nice place- and conveniently located near enough to Washington DC where we planned to go on Saturday. It was midnight when we arrived. This place is about 3.5 miles off the beaten path in a back woodsy atmosphere. Lovely!

On Saturday morning after breakfast and lunch packing, we headed to Rockville MD and bought tickets on the Metro into Washington DC. You can see us in the photo below with our thirteen PA grandchildren at the National Zoo entrance.
We saw some animals but we discovered a hot summer afternoon is not the best time to go to the zoo. Many of the animals were seeking relief from the heat by hiding in dens or other places of shelter from the heat. We did enjoy the octopus feeding, cheetahs, lion, tiger, leopard, zebra. dragon and gorillas. We did take some time for a few family shots.You can see Dale & Betty Joy's family below.

Then Mark & Melanie's family

And here is Jason & Gloria's family at the entrance

Our next destination was the slide at Mt Tabor Park.
I think it is about 40 ft high- has a varnished wood floor!
The first time Grandpa & I went down the slide together,
I thought, "I promised 'whither thou goest, I will go". And we went!
It was scary but fun! The next time we went on burlap and went even a little faster!
I may be 65- but I survived!

Here you can see some of the grandchildren went together on a long sheet of waxed paper and tumbled in a pile on the sawdust at the end of the slide.

Marvin & I arrived home about 6 PM with smiles and miles of memories!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Milestones of life!

This photo may be dark- but it is a bright moment for Brianna Pfleegor! It is a moment we have looked forward to for so long!
Brianna came into our lives when she was 16 months old! It's been a long story of smiles and tears! She lived in our home and was part of our family for a total of eight years. In the years she was not living here, she had regular visits and continues to be an important part of our lives- now as her grandparents. Because of limited seating, we did not expect to be able to attend her graduation on Friday evening. But then the Lord blessed her with extra tickets- and we sat with her twin sister Brittany on the front row! My eyes filled with tears as I remembered the smiles and tears that have been part of the journey to this moment!
God bless you Brianna as you begin a new part of the journey of life!

This is it- the diploma!

Grandpa & Grandma with Brianna & Brittany!

The white color signifies that Brianna is part of the National Honor Society. She worked hard to earn that collar!