Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family fun

Our oldest granddaughter spent the day with us on Monday. It was a super-wonderful day. She and I had plenty of time to visit and get ready for the family supper. She got to see all her PA family in one day plus a school friend. Here you can see her grilling hamburgers for supper.
What an impromptu fun family evening!

The two youngest grandchildren are all smiles!

Trampoline season is in full swing..or should I say full bounce!
You might notice the missing tree in background. It blew over in a storm a few weeks ago. The remains are firewood in the background and bark mulch under the trampoline.

Not every one made it for this last minute grand finale of a photo...but smiles are in vogue!

We are so blessed! Thank you Jesus for the delightful day!